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Commencing June we are pleased to announce a special offer on PHEV fuel with Mercury Energy.
Mercury Energy has agreed to offer a 30% discount on the cost of recharging PHEV between 11PM and 7AM.
To enable this process Mercury will install a special smart meter in your garage free of charge. Then you will see a separate invoiced amount for the power usage through this meter (i.e the PHEV) every month.

The discount of 30% will be applied to this amount.
It’s a great offer for you to save money on the running costs and to independently measure how much power you are using.
It’s also a great tool for fleets running PHEV to accurately measure and reimburse drivers for the power costs.

Simon Lucas North Shore can complete a registration form and then email it to Mercury on your behalf, when you buy an Outlander PHEV from us.

Call us now to book your test drive: 0800 001 107!