The more we drive THE OUTLANDER PHEV the more we discover its advanced and smart technology. We thought we should share some of our findings with you.
Here are the 5 top tips from our Mitsubishi Motors NZ trainers and their tours of the country:
1. When putting the vehicle into park mode it is possible to simply turn the vehicle off
and it will automatically switch into park mode.
2. The Outlander PHEV remembers how a customer drives the vehicle. When a
customer charges their car the range will show the distance the vehicle can go based
on the owners driving habits. If they are an economical driver their distance shown on
the screen will be further.
3. When the Outlander PHEV is fully charged there is no capacity to use regenerative
4. The central joystick “B” function can be used for regenerative braking as well as the
paddles. By pulling the joystick back once it will select “B3” by pulling it back again, it
will skip to “B5”
5. It is possible to set the charge times of the VRX version through the Satellite
Navigation System.