6 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Trade In

Trading in your car is a convenient and reliable alternative to selling your car to a private buyer. To help you secure the best possible deal, we’ve listed our top tips for getting the most from your trade in.

 Clean Out Your Interior

If you spend a lot of time on the road, it’s easy for dust, grime and debris to build up inside your vehicle. Before you trade in your car, it’s important that you clean out your interior. Remove any rubbish, wipe down hard surfaces and give your seats a good vacuum.

Visit the Carwash

First impressions are important! Before you visit your Mitsubishi dealership for a trade in, make sure your car is sparkling clean. This is the perfect time to splurge on those optional extras at the carwash. Give your car a good scrub down followed by a coat of wax to help your vehicle shine. A little air freshener can also help you secure a great deal.

Address any Minor Repairs

If your vehicle is looking a little worse for wear, you could be selling yourself short when it comes to trade in time. While you might not worry about driving around in a car full of dents and scrapes, your local car dealer might see things differently. To lock in the best possible deal, make sure you book a visit to the auto repair shop. This is especially crucial if you’ve been driving a second-hand Mitsubishi.

Bring in your Service Records

When trading in your vehicle, it's a good strategy to show up with a detailed service logbook or any service records you have. When your Mitsubishi dealer  has a clear understanding about the services your car has undergone, you can negotiate a deal that accurately reflects the value of your vehicle.

Do Your Research

You'd be surprised how little people know about their cars. To ensure your expectations are accurate, it's a good idea to do some market research. By the time you're ready to trade in your car, you should have a realistic goal figure in mind. This way, you'll be able to negotiate a fair bargain with your dealer.

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