CAM BELT REPLACEMENT – happy motoring or costly repair bill

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Do you want to be happy motoring or do you want a costly repair bill?

You should replace the cam belt on your Mitsubishi every 7 years or 90,000Kms; whichever comes first. On your Great Wall Petrol 80,000Kms or 4 years, whichever comes first. On your Great Wall Diesel every 5 years or 75,000Kms whichever comes first.

Imagine THIS:
A simple way of explaining how important a cambelt is would be to imagine that you are riding a push bike. If the chain breaks or comes off, the bike stops. That’s exactly what happens when a cambelt snaps, only it’s a lot easier to fix a bike chain!

The cost lies not in the price of the belt, but in the effect on the engine when the belt goes.
The cambelt works to keep the engine in time, stopping the valves from hitting the pistons. When it breaks the sequence is thrown out, the valve hit the pistons, bending the valves resulting on catastrophic engine damage which could cost thousands to repair!

Here is some special deals we have for you until end of March 2015:

Mitsubishi Cam belt replacement - from $430 (depends on your model), including Parts, labour and GST.Savings of 20-30% off RRP! We use 100% genuine Mitsubishi Parts with 12 months warranty.

Great Wall Petrol Cam Belt replacement- from $770 (WAS $1034)

Great Wall Diesel Cam Belt replacement - from $885 (WAS $1165)

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